What is this page?

This page presently holds remarks that Jake's editor, Robert Kiraly aka OldCoder, has made direct­ly to others in con­nec­tion with Jake's book, usual­ly in re­sponse to inquiries or threats.

The scope of the page will probably expand over time.

What I said to Ray Gustafson

Ray: You're free to offer your side of the stories. In fact, the offer was made at the start a year ago. In the absence of a response, your legal and prac­tical rights in the mat­ter are limit­ed to the right to attempt a plea bar­gain after your next drug arrest.

What I said to John and Marie Gustafson

John and Marie: You have little right to say anything fur­ther about any of this. You need to bow your heads and pray to a Savior who'd have nothing to do with you if He did exist. You're sig­nifi­cant to this world only because you're sig­ni­fi­cant to one good man.

John, shut up and reflect. Marie, you're use­less and self-centered to a remark­able degree; there's really nothing else to be said to you.

The context here is that John Gustafson had asked me to com­ment. I did so polite­ly. To repay civil­ity he chose to deni­grate. This is what Fundies do.

I'm not fond of Fundies. Fundie culture not only toler­ates but delights in bully­ing, child abuse, wife beat­ing, lies, and hatred of the differ­ent.

In short, Fundies are defined by the fact that they defe­cate on Christ every day of their lives. He isn't fond of them Him­self. It's a color­ful irony.

Exaggeration? I was sent, myself, to Fundie wife-beat­ing classes as a boy. The school still exist­ed as of 2020. The head of the organ­iza­tion was known for sit­ting with his penis out and erect when female students were call­ed into his office.

The reaction of Fundies to reports of this behavior was, of course, “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil”. Ah, Fundies.

Yes, I know people who self-identify as Fundies and are far less color­ful. I value some of them. The gen­eral­iza­tion is accurate regard­less.

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